The History Behind Money Coach Group, Inc.


ill Hines founded Money Coach Group, Inc after retiring from a long career with IBM. He’s a lifelong personal finance junkie, and wanted a way to help people as an inexpensive personal finance coach. Read his ‘Hello, World’ blog post for more detail on his background. After retiring from her career as a Registered Nurse and Clinical Trial Monitor, Lori cross-trained into the field and joined as an active coach, bringing her intuition, compassion, and health care/insurance industry knowledge.

Initially, MCG was going to be a financial advisory firm, consisting of CFPs (Certified Financial Planners). But those smart folks help people who are already financially well off. Bill and Lori’s natural altruism called. Too old to go into law enforcement, paramedic, or firefighter jobs, they decided to help struggling people another way – by showing them how to reach their financial goals. Read more about Bill’s story in the main page About Us block and the “Hello, World” blog post.  We’re based in Bethlehem, PA (USA) but help clients around the world via webcam and phone. We don’t ask for account numbers or any sensitive info. We don’t even need to know your real name. We only charge for our time. Our mission is to help you reach your goals, LIVE. YOUR. DREAM and teach you to stay on track, including investing wisely making all the right choices for the rest of your life.

Some of this came from an increasing sense of alarm as the typical safeguards that protected unwitting people began to crumble. Before the mortgage crisis of 2008, we always felt we could trust the lenders who qualified us for loans. We knew they weren’t going to loan us money unless they were damn sure we were capable of paying it off. Then they decided to start pushing debt on people who couldn’t afford it. The state, local, and federal government used to take care of people, but now instead spend insane amounts of money to lure folks into the massive con game known as the lottery.

Worst of all, we and our children, our grandchildren, are being lured into enormous student loan debt, saddling them with a huge burden before they even earn their first paycheck. Credit card companies spend an incredible five billion dollars in marketing to suck you in, make you feel important with meaningless perks such as the “status” of a gold, platinum, or black card. The credit score/FICO system is pushed on us as an incredibly valuable metric, when really it’s just a scam perpetrated on you to borrow more money. People are robbed of their growth by expensive investment advisors and insurance salespersons. They’re talked into expensive and unnecessary bankruptcies.

There are too many examples to count. Every day, we’re bombarded with clever propaganda designed to make us borrow more or “keep up with the Joneses.” Note: despite their fine home and cars, the Jones’s are likely up to their ears in debt like 71% of all Americans.

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