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My Management Program helps you reach your financial goals by first eliminating debt that is holding you back from living your dreams. The program includes:

Financial Consulting
with Me (Karl)

Personalized Debt
Management Plan

Client Resource

Financial Consulting

My financial consulting is different from others because I provide personalized income-generating and cost-saving ideas based on your unique lifestyle circumstances. 

I also provide ongoing financial education over the course of 6 months with monthly calls and 24/7 access to coaching questions via your client portal.

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Debt Management Plan

My personalized debt management plan is a month-by-month cash flow plan that allows you to track your spending and monitor your debt payment schedule to ensure we meet your Debt Free Date.

This roadmap takes your financial goals and outlines a step-by-step plan for you to follow utilizing tools to help you stay on track and reach your financial goals.

Client Resource Portal

Keeping track of your finances is difficult on a good day. Add the stress of debt and it’s easy to see how overwhelming it can quickly become. My Debt Management Program makes debt more manageable for you starting with your client resource portal.

The client portal is for your convenience. One less stressor for you to organize or manage. All of these educational resources can be found and accessed within your client portal at any time. 


  • Calendar invitations for scheduled calls
  • A personalized Debt Management Plan
  • Updates to your Debt Management Plan
  • Resources for debt relief
  • Personal finance guides
  • Money management tips
  • And more!

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