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“We engaged Money Coach Group’s services to eliminate debt and establish lifelong financial habits. From the first phone call, he was friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. He presented all information in an easy-to-understand approach. Throughout the process, he checked in regularly to ensure we were meeting our goals and provided additional support as needed. We are excited to achieve milestones towards our lifelong financial goals.”

“When we contacted Money Coach Group, we were on the brink of filing bankruptcy which seemed like it was the only way out. But you kept us holding on for hope and thank goodness we did not file or this would have been an even bigger problem than it already was! Knowing we could trust you and be completely honest with you when we had no one else to talk to brought a lot of peace throughout the process. I will always recommend you to people!”

“There is so much to say about Money Coach Group, I don’t even know where to begin. We had been well on our way to a debt pay-off journey when we reached out for help…we had been through Financial Peace University so we knew what to do, but didn’t always know HOW to do it and often lost steam. They have educated us and, more importantly, supported us through the highs and lows of the debt pay off journey on a variable income. At present time, we have successfully cleared out all of our consumer debt and are now about to start tackling our student loans with a vengeance.”

“Highly recommended for anyone willing to control their financial lives. I have already recommended him to a friend in Singapore.”

“They gave me so much information about how to take care of my finances, and I now have a ton of resources I can reference when making future investments in my home, and my retirement.”

“The plan was detailed, well laid out and easy to understand. It was very apparent that he put a lot of personal thought, time and effort into it. We were very impressed!”

“They removed the truck repossessed from two of my credit reports and the other one is in review. I did have a few doubts but after your presentation, I was all in. Thank you sir for your help and support. I greatly appreciated it.”

“Thanks for all of your encouragement. I just know enough about investments to be dangerous but excited about learning more. Thanks for your encouragement and assistance to get this done!”

“Money Coach Group gave me a roadmap and guidance for my future debt-free life. Before, I wasn’t sure how to budget or what tools I should even use. He mapped out how fast I can be debt-free. With this map, I will be able to steer myself to a better life for myself now and my future for what’s to come.”

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