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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are just a few of the questions we get asked most frequently by our clients.

How can I afford this? I'm broke!

Yup, we get it. We’ve been there! What’s it worth to you to go from being stressed out and broke to being happy and building wealth?

The idea is that our services will pay for themselves every month, many times over and change your life forever! We’ll deploy an arsenal of budget hacks,  customized side-hustles, and many other tips and tricks to build your debt elimination/wealth-building plan.

We’ll show you so many ways to pay off debt, cut back, earn more, build wealth, and save on interest payments that our services are worth far more than the monthly fee. What is your financial success worth?

Our mission is to get you DEBT FREE always keeping your situation in mind. For that reason, there are no hidden costs, contracts, or gotchas. And we don’t just help you to BE. DEBT. FREE, we teach you how to stay debt free! The financial impact of our guidance over the course of your lifetime is immeasurable. This will change your life and your families lives forever!! You can pass this knowledge down to children and family for years to come.

Isn't filing bankruptcy better?

Filing bankruptcy can be incredibly expensive and not do what you think. Most folks think of Chapter 7, which will “wipe the slate clean.” But many kinds of debt can’t be bankrupted and will not go away. If you have a job, you probably won’t qualify for Chapter 7 and will have to do Chapter 13, which is a debt payment plan, plus you’ll have to pay a bankruptcy lawyer. We’ll do the same thing – put together a solid plan to pay off your debt, without the expense and stigma of a bankruptcy on your record. Do you really want to have to check that “Have you ever file for bankruptcy?” box on job applications and other important forms for the rest of your life?

What is a money coach?

Also known as a financial coach, a money coach is someone that provides knowledge, inspiration, and planning to folks that need help with personal finance issues. This could be a debt burden, collectors, foreclosure, insurance problems, etc.

Hey, even the best professional athletes, musicians, actors, and others have and need coaches and counselors!

A money coach is very different from a financial advisor, who typically helps those who are in good financial shape and looking to invest (our goal is to turn you into the kind of person that needs a financial advisor!). Our intent is to “teach you to fish,” and in that light, we will never recommend or sell financial products or receive commissions from our interactions with you. We want you to be comfortable that our advice and guidance is completely in your interest and completely unbiased. We only charge for our time.

That said, we have extensive investing experience and teach you enough to make your own decisions, without having to give up a piece of your pie for that advice.

Our goal is to get you on your feet and running toward success in life. Our goal is to eliminate any money stress from you and your family. We’ll help you BE. DEBT. FREE (with dignity).

How are you different or better than others?

Our business was built to help people, not for excessive greed or profit. We’re here until you win! You’ll be debt free guaranteed!!

Other financial coaches or money coaches only offer ‘package’ plans, where you must sign up for a series of sessions that cost a thousand or more dollars. We don’t lock you in. When you’re ready to fly, we’re happy for you!

Get invaluable career coaching from someone who has spent their career focusing on leadership, service and dedication.

We provide an inexpensive way to start. We’ll analyze your situation and build a customized roadmap to reach your financial goals. If you want more guidance, you’re free to schedule a follow-up session, or series of them, as your needs dictate.

Can I just do this on my own?

Possibly. It takes intense discipline and will likely take you much longer and cost a lot more. A better compromise is to take our  Debt-Free Plan option and use it as your roadmap.

We use a huge repository of knowledge and information to help our clients. We’ll teach you budget hacks, how to deal with collectors, tax hacks, lifestyle hacks, and suggest side hustles to boost your income.  All of that goes into building a plan that’s just right for you.

But some folks aren’t as sure, are too busy, and want an accountability partner to help them stay on track. For those cases, we suggest the 12 Month NO DEBT RESET.

Are those prices your hourly rate?

Not at all. For example, each session requires a ton of prep work to build your plan or prepare for our meeting. You provide us the data about your situation and we analyze it to build your debt elimination plan. We sift through all the techniques we know to find the ones that are best suited for your problem and your personality. It takes time to do it right. We want you to BE. DEBT. FREE.

I don't want to give you my sensitive info.

We don’t ask for account numbers or any sensitive info. We don’t even need to know your real name.

What about those commercials that say they'll negotiate and pay off my debt or fix my credit score?

Run. Seriously. Please don’t do this. Not much is as evil as taking advantage of folks that need help.

How can you provide such inexpensive financial counseling?

How can we provide inexpensive financial counseling? Unlike most financial coaches/counselors, we charge a flat rate per month for all-access, not just “one meeting a month.” Most coaches charge per-meeting.

We do this as our ministry, as give-back. We love helping people, so we’re generous with our time. We limit how many clients we take so we’re available to them any time they need us. Sometimes people get letters that scare them, or something bad happens, and they can’t wait a week or month for help. They need it immediately. We’re always available via email, text, and phone or webcam as long as we’re not in a meeting (but then immediately after).

We want to be there for others. We work hard at this, especially in the first month when we’re analyzing all of your information and building your plan to eliminate debt and start building wealth. It’s less than minimum wage, honestly, in that first month. We put a lot into it. The result is inexpensive financial counseling!

We only help people for as long as it takes! After 12 months, if you’re not debt free, it’s on me! and I’ll get your there!  We allow people to stop any time, and we’re proud of them when they feel they’re ready to go it on their own. We do always follow up to make sure everything’s going well, even though we’re not getting paid at that point. Because we care about people.

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