Debt-Free Journey

Debt-Free Journey

$199.00 $150.00 / month for 6 months

We’ll strategize and battle your debt together, and teach you all about money!

Cancel or extend any time – no contracts, no lock-in. Weekly/monthly meetings, unlimited text/email support.

Customized Debt-Free Plan (with Debt-Free Date), monthly education modules on investing, student loans, retirement planning, insurances, and more.

Side-hustle matching! Find a way to make extra money (even at home) that’s not a scam and something you might actually enjoy!

Strategic help with all kinds of debt (student loan, bankruptcy, medical, credit card, home, auto, repossessions, etc).

More detail below!


With our (up to) six-month Debt-Free Journey, we’ll build your customized plan to pay off debt and walk you down the path to BE. DEBT. FREE. This six-month Journey will buy you our guidance, expertise, and education for six months. We’ll coach you to eliminate debt, increase your income, reduce spending, and start building wealth. We’ll battle your debt together and teach you all about money!

What you get: Your personalized Debt-Free Plan (with your Debt-Free Date!), and up to six additional follow-up one-hour meetings (phone, webcam, or in-person in Lehigh Valley, PA) over the six-month duration, plus unlimited email and text support. We’ll coach you to pay off debt, increase your income, cut back on spending, and begin building wealth. We’ll tweak the plan, keep you on course, and answer your questions. Each month we’ll cover a different personal finance topic such as investing, retirement planning, college saving, debt scams, handling bankruptcy and repossessions, buying/selling a home, and insurance. Cancel any time. You’ll be billed in six easy monthly installments. Walk with us!

Can you afford this when you’re already behind? Yes, you can. We’ll show you so many ways to pay off debt, cut back, earn more, build wealth, and save on interest payments that our services are worth far more than the small monthly fee. What is your financial success worth? Read more here.

Act now. Those who delay usually come back a year later in far worse shape. Let’s do this – TODAY! A year from now, you’ll be well down the road to financial happiness and thanking yourself for having the courage to act TODAY. Don’t let the years-from-now you down.

We’re ready when you are! Sign up today and we’ll have your Debt-Free Plan and Debt-Free Date to you within a week. Read some client testimonials here.


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