$417.00 / month for 12 months

The 12-Month NO DEBT RESET

Be DEBT FREE or it’s on Me Guarantee!! 

If you’re not Debt Free in 12 months I’ll work with you for free until you are!

If your dream outcome is getting out of debt, planning for college/retirement, buying/selling a home, increasing your credit score, career/small business counseling, or any other financial goal, this is the plan for you. We’ll strategize, build your plan together, and teach you all about personal finance and investing. The knowledge learned will change your life forever!!

What you get and why it helps you achieve your dreams:

  • Weekly Checkins to keep you on track
  • Personalized budget just for you
  • Learning how to budget with a family
  • Ways to save money overnight
  • Access to 10 years of personal finance expertise 24/7
  • Debt payoff calculator, you’ll know exactly when you’ll be debt free
  • Learn how to payoff all of your debt as fast as possible
  • Monthly goals created to get you on track to achieve your goals in the shortest time
  • How to keep you lifestyle and still payoff all your debt
  • Learn ways to make more money and grow wealth
  • 99 Side hustle ideas to put more money in your pocket
  • How to deal with creditors and stop them from calling
  • Easy ways to repair your Credit Score no matter how bad it is
  • Getting your Credit Score higher to buy a house or car with lower interest rates
  • Buying and selling a vehicle to get the best value
  • Understanding how to buy a home for less money
  • Learn how to buy and live in a house for FREE!
  • How to invest in real estate to get cashflow for life
  • Buying a small apartment building to change your financial future

We build your plan for success and teach you easy budgeting and create a plan to eliminate any debt. I’ll teach you how to be a smart consumer, how to earn more money at work and with side hustles. I’ll teach you all about insurances (health, auto, life, home, umbrella, long-term care, renters, homeowners, disability) and how these can help you protect your investments, yourself and your family.
I’ll teach you about paying for college, trade, or tech school without debt. I’ll teach you how to buy/sell a home or vehicle to get the best value. I’ll teach you investing basics – learn how to tell if your 401k/403b/457b/529 or other investment choices are good ones.I’ll teach you all about retirement planning (social security, medicare, pensions and real estate investing strategies).

Weekly/monthly meetings, unlimited text/email support.

Customized Personal Finance Plan, monthly education modules on investing, student loans, retirement planning, insurances, and more.

Side-hustle matching! Find a way to make extra money (even at home) that’s not a scam and something you might actually enjoy!

Planning for college, buying your first or next home, retirement.

Strategic help with all kinds of debt (student loan, bankruptcy, medical, credit card, home, auto, repossessions, etc).

Change your life and start living your dream life today!


Can you afford this when you’re already behind? Yes, you can. We’ll show you so many ways to pay off debt, cut back, earn more, build wealth, and save on interest payments that our services are worth far more than the monthly fee. What is your financial success worth? Read more here.

Act now. Those who delay usually come back a year later in far worse shape. Let’s do this – TODAY! A year from now, you’ll be well down the road to financial happiness and thanking yourself for having the courage to act now. Don’t let the years-from-now you down.

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