Debt-Free Plan & Workshop

Our mission is to eradicate your debt with dignity and put you on the path to financial success. Our simple step-by-step plan will get you there.

We’ll show you the path to BE. DEBT. FREE with our customized Debt-Free Plan and private Debt-Free Workshop (spouses required to attend). We help you get out of debt and teach you to stay out of debt.

This includes your Debt-Free Date – the date that you will finally be debt-free if you follow the plan we build together.

We never ask for sensitive identity information (SSN, driver’s license number, etc) or account numbers/usernames/passwords. We don’t even need to know your real name!

We’re based in Bethlehem, PA (USA) but help clients around the world via video conference and phone. We only charge for our time. Our mission is to help you BE. DEBT. FREE.

We’ll teach you how to navigate different creditors, avoid dangerous debt consolidators, avoid bankruptcy, and pay down your debt with dignity.

We provide a judgment-free zone – because whatever mistakes you’ve made, we’ve probably made them too.

We’ll teach you to avoid making some of the damaging and dangerous decisions that folks who are stressed by debt often make.

We’ll help you create and monitor a reasonable month-by-month cash flow plan using tools you’re comfortable with, and teach you how to stick to it.

We’ll teach you how to communicate with collections agencies that might be calling.

We’ll help you avoid foreclosure on your home by showing you effective ways to deal with the mortgage company.

We’ll show you why bankruptcy isn’t the magic pill many people think it is. In most cases, there are better options.

What you get with our Debt-Free Workshop:

  • A written Debt-Free Plan, which is your roadmap to pay down your debt with dignity.
  • Resources to keep track of your FICO credit score and net worth.
  • A customized set of recommendations on how to cut back your spending in many categories and save more money.
  • Additional resources and recommendations in many areas of personal finance (saving, insurance, building wealth, etc).
  • Access to your own client portal web page with all the resources from our meetings.
  • Recommendations for dealing with collectors, bankruptcy, mortgage issues (if they apply).
  • Discounts on follow-up or checkpoint meetings for accountability, keeping you on track, or changes that may be necessary.
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Debt-Free Journey

Let us walk the path with you to BE. DEBT. FREE.

With our Debt-Free Journey, we’ll build your customized plan and walk you down the path to BE. DEBT. FREE. Walk with us!

What you’ll get with the Debt-Free Journey offering:

  • Everything listed above for the Debt-Free Workshop
  • Monthly personal finance education topics – investing, retirement planning, insurances, college saving
  • Additional check-in/adjustment/accountability meetings throughout the plan period
  • Ability to cancel, extend or decrease your Journey length at any time

Retirement Checkup

Want to know if you’re on track for your retirement date? Don’t have a retirement date and want to work with us to calculate one that’s feasible? You’re in the right place.

We’ll examine your current status and desired retirement outcome. Then we’ll calculate your safe withdrawal rates, possible retirement dates, and show how you can make any changes needed to retire when you want to and live the lifestyle you dream about.

What  you get with the Retirement Checkup:

  • A customized Retirement Checkup Plan, which contains a detailed analysis of your safe withdrawal rates under many financial scenarios dating back to 1871!
  • A private workshop via phone, videoconference, or face-to-face to review the details, answer questions, and tweak the scenarios.
  • Follow-up questions via email.
  • Additional sessions scheduled at your preference for $99 each.

Get on the Road to Financial Wellness Today

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