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    Let's do a private advanced investing concepts workshop together! You must have a sound fundamental knowledge of investing basics (see our class on that) to gain a benefit from this class. We cover asset location (as opposed to allocation), Roth conversions, back-door Roth conversions, gain harvesting, and loss harvesting. We don't cover topics like puts/calls, shorting stocks, etc. We aren't investment advisors, so this session is instructional only. Click the Schedule Now button to set up a date and time at your convenience.
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    Personal Finance Journey

    $150.00 / month for 6 months
    Up to six months - cancel any time! If your goal is getting out of debt, planning for college/retirement, working toward buying/selling a home, career/small business counseling, or any other financial goal, this is the plan for you. We'll strategize, build your plan together, and teach you all about personal finance and investing. Month 1: We build your plan for success and teach you basic, easy budgeting, plan to eliminate any debt. We teach you how to be a smart consumer, how to earn more money at work and with side hustles. Month 2: Adjust and tweak the plan. We teach you all about insurances (health, auto, life, home, umbrella, long-term care, renters, homeowners, disability). Month 3: Adjust and tweak the plan. We teach you about paying for college, trade, or tech school without a ton of debt. Month 4: Adjust and tweak the plan. We teach you how to buy/sell a home or vehicle less expensively. Month 5: Adjust and tweak the plan. We teach you investing basics - learn how to tell if your 401k/403b/457b/529 or other investment choices are good ones. Month 6: Prepare you to fly on  your own. We teach you all about retirement planning (social security, medicare, pensions, asset allocation, safe withdrawal rates). Cancel or extend any time - no contracts, no lock-in. Weekly/monthly meetings, unlimited text/email support. Customized Personal Finance Plan, monthly education modules on investing, student loans, retirement planning, insurances, and more. Side-hustle matching! Find a way to make extra money (even at home) that's not a scam and something you might actually enjoy! Planning for college, buying your first or next home, retirement. Strategic help with all kinds of debt (student loan, bankruptcy, medical, credit card, home, auto, repossessions, etc). More detail below!
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