Also known as a financial coach, a money coach is someone that provides knowledge, inspiration, and planning to folks that need help with personal finance issues. This could be a debt burden, collectors, foreclosure, insurance problems, etc.

Be careful about the distinction between “coach” and “counselor.” Coach is a loose term that doesn’t require any particular formal accreditation. However, counselor is a much more viable title, requires much more training and experience, such as ours – AFCPE® Accredited Financial Counselor®.

Hey, even the best professional athletes, musicians, actors, and others have and need coaches and counselors!

A money coach is very different from a financial advisor, who typically helps those who are in good financial shape and looking to invest (our goal is to turn you into the kind of person that needs a financial advisor!). Our intent is to “teach you to fish,” and in that light, we will never recommend or sell financial products or receive commissions from our interactions with you. We want you to be comfortable that our advice and guidance is completely in your interest and completely unbiased. We only charge for our time.

That said, we have extensive investing experience and teach you enough to make your own decisions, without having to give up a piece of your pie for that advice.

Our goal is to get you on your feet and running toward success in life. Our goal is to eliminate any money stress from you and your family. We’ll help you BE. DEBT. FREE (with dignity).