Sure, although understandably folks in this situation prefer to keep it private. Below are just a few comments from our many happy clients.

We engaged Bill’s services to eliminate debt and establish life long financial and habits. From the first phone call, Bill was friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. He presented all information in an easy to understand approach. Throughout the process, he checked in regularly to ensure we were meeting our goals and provided additional support as needed. With the information shared by Bill, we are excited to achieve milestones towards our lifelong financial goals. JL, PA, USA

We are so lucky to find Bill Hines! He has helped us understand much more about retirement, the how, when and why of it. He has been so patient and kind and generous with his time, knowledge and support. He maintains a healthy balance between being the spreadsheet data/numbers expert (and uses the most current and highly rated software programs out there) and friend, hand holder, confidence builder- a rare combination indeed. He knows his stuff, yet is open and loves to learn- another unique combination! His genuine and heartfelt passion to help and teach folks like me to better manage our finances- present and future- shines through every interaction we ever had with him. I trust his integrity, knowledge and intentions fully and feel very grateful to be working with him. LK, CA, USA

Bill is an amazing financial coach and he has been very helpful and helped us make strides towards our financial freedom. He shared a ton of useful information in bite sized pieces. He moves at a pace that you’re comfortable with and is readily available to answer questions. We will be using his services again very soon. Thanks Bill! Jay V, PA, USA

I am so grateful that I signed up with Bill to get debt free. He gave me so much information about how to take care of my finances, and I now have a ton of resources I can reference when making future investments in my home, and my retirement. Bill took the time to get to know me, and I feel like I’ve gained a family member through working together. His knowledge truly is worth the money, and it was at a rate that I could actually afford; his rates were significantly lower than other money coaches, and he didn’t make me sign a contract that locked me into having to work with him for a set number of months. Thank you so much, Bill! Patience B, IL, USA

“Bill, Thanks for all of your encouragement and for your steady hand during that phone call yesterday with Vanguard. I just know enough about investments to be dangerous. LOL but excited about learning more. Thanks for your encouragement and assistance to get this done! God bless, sincerely, Kathy” Kathy M, PA, USA

They removed the truck repossessed from two of my credit reports and the other one is in reviews . I did not have a chance to say thank you, to you. I thank God for my wife to meet you. I do believe in what you are doing. I did have a little doubts but after your presentation I was all in.

Thank you sir for your help and support. I’m greatly appreciated it. Luc J, PA, USA

“Bill is a great adviser for personal finance matters. Within 3 months of working with him, I managed to kill my debt by $20k. He was proactive, gave me brilliant advice, and followed up to ensure accountability (through weekly check-ins).

He also helped me to be regular with budgeting, offered advice even on the apps that might be helpful. He recommended books & useful websites. We created a plan to wipe out debt, build solid emergency fund and work out how to build wealth in future.

Very reasonably priced with the quality that is offered by him. I am happy with my decision to engage him & get my financial ducks in a row. Highly recommended for anyone willing to control their financial lives. I have already recommended him to a friend in Singapore. Thank you Bill & keep up the awesome work!” UMJ, Singapore

“From the very first communication, Bill showed genuine concern for us and our financial situation. Some of the other coaches we spoke with made it feel more like a business, but Bill felt like a true friend from day 1.

He consistently responded in a timely manner to all our emails and requests and provided us with a written plan within just a few days of receiving all of our input. The plan was detailed, well laid out and easy to understand. It was very apparent that he put a lot of personal thought, time and effort into it. We were very impressed!” Nancy B, NJ, USA

Bill gave me a roadmap and guidance for my future debt-free life. Before Bill was my coach I wasn’t sure how to budget or what tools I should even use.
Bill guided me through Every Dollar and also mapped out how fast I can be debt-free. That is pretty awesome! With this map I will be able to steer myself to a
a better life for myself now and my future for what’s to come. CD, NJ, USA

Oh my goodness… where to start!?! You were extremely helpful and instrumental in getting us through some of the toughest financial months of our lives! I can’t thank you enough for helping us navigate this disaster, and for the countless times you had to talk us (me) off the ledge. When we contacted you, as you know, we were on the brink (literally a day) of filing bankruptcy which seemed like it was the only way out. In fact, we still met with a lawyer even after speaking with you a handful of times. But you kept us holding on for hope and thank goodness we did not file or this would have been an even bigger problem than it already was! Knowing we could trust you and be completely honest with you when we had no one else to talk to brought a lot of peace throughout the process. Thank you for coaching me through many phone calls with the creditors, as well as speaking to the bank on our behalf when we just didn’t even know where to start or what to say. I will always recommend you to people! JH, NJ, USA

There is so much to say about Money Coach Group, I don’t even know where to begin. My husband and I have been working with Bill since 10/2019 and the growth we have experienced in our personal finance journey has been incredible. We had been well on our way in a debt pay off journey when we reached out to Bill for help…we had been through Financial Peace University so we knew what to do, but didn’t always know HOW to do it and often lost steam. We came to Bill needing someone to lay out a road map and help us see the possibility of conquering what felt like an insurmountable mountain of debt. Bill has educated us and, more importantly, supported us through the highs and lows of a debt pay off journey on a variable income (through a pandemic). At present time, we have successfully cleared out all of our consumer debt and are now about to start tackling our student loans with a vengeance. Bill was the first person we reached out to when we paid off our last consumer debt, a car loan, 27 months early!!! We are so proud of our progress and thank God for the blessing of being able to work with Money Coach Group as we rewrite our financial story. We look forward to celebrating many more milestones with Bill as we continue to hit our goals!! Thank you, Bill!! We could not do this without you! 🙂 JM, NJ, USA