How can we provide inexpensive financial counseling? Unlike most financial coaches/counselors, we charge a flat rate per month for all-access, not just “one meeting a month.” Most coaches charge per-meeting. Plus, they want you to lock into a contract for six months or a year. Some only do this part-time and have only taken an online-class recently as their ‘experience.’

We do this as our ministry, as give-back. We love helping people, so we’re generous with our time. We limit how many clients we take so we’re available to them any time they need us. Sometimes people get letters that scare them, or something bad happens, and they can’t wait a week or month for help. They need it immediately. We’re always available via email, text, and phone or webcam as long as we’re not in a meeting (but then immediately after).

We want to be there for others. We work hard at this, especially in the first month when we’re analyzing all of your information and building your plan to eliminate debt and start building wealth. It’s less than minimum wage, honestly, in that first month. We put a lot into it. The result is inexpensive financial counseling!

We only help people for as long as they need to get on their feet, no longer. We allow people to stop any time, and we’re proud of them when they feel they’re ready to go it on their own. We do always follow up to make sure everything’s going well, even though we’re not getting paid at that point. Because we care about people. Let’s get started now!