First, be very careful. Unfortunately, there’s a whole industry built around preying on those who are having financial problems. It’s pure evil. That’s why we’ve aligned with the two most ethical organizations out there, as an AFCPE® Accredited Financial Counselor® and Ramsey Solutions Master/Preferred Financial Coach.

Our business was built to help people, not for excessive greed or profit. We’re inexpensive for that reason, but we provide incredible value.

Other financial coaches or money coaches only offer ‘package’ plans, where you must sign up for a series of sessions that cost a thousand or more dollars. We don’t lock you in. When you’re ready to fly, we’re happy for you!

Get invaluable career coaching from a former executive with a lifetime of experience.

We provide an inexpensive way to start. We’ll analyze your situation and build a customized roadmap to reach your financial goals. If you want more guidance, you’re free to schedule a follow-up session, or series of them, as your needs dictate.

While many folks are jumping into the hot field of money/financial coaching as a “side hustle” part-time job in addition to working their “real” job and caring for their family, at Money Coach Group this is our full-time, dedicated mission. This is our ministry.