Good question. A Certified Financial Planner (CFP) is someone who provides investment advice and manages your investment portfolio. They sell investments and generally work with clients that are in good shape financially. At Money Coach Group, our mission is to help folks who aren’t in good shape financially and need help. We don’t sell anything, other than our time and expertise. Our goal is to get our clients to the point where they need a CFP, meaning they have no debt and are building their wealth/retirement portfolio. That said, our sister company Emancipare can do all those things for you, using the same principals of ethics, mentoring, and affordability!

As far as our credentials, currently those are:

AFCPE® Accredited Financial Counselor® – AFCPE ensures the highest level of knowledge, skill and integrity of the personal finance profession by certifying, connecting and supporting diverse and capable professionals who serve communities worldwide.

Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach and Financial Peace University Instructors (Dave Ramsey has fifteen million followers – we’re proud to be part of his network!)

School of Hard Knocks Graduate – This is by far our most valuable and treasured credential. We’ve been where you are. We know how it feels to dread getting the mail each day or when a debt collector calls. We know how to fix that and we want badly to help you to never have those stressors in your family’s life again. BE. DEBT. FREE!