Got any client testimonials?


With the information shared by Bill, we are excited to achieve milestones towards our lifelong financial goals.

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Are you part of this FIRE thing?


The answer is we're already retired and doing this as a give-back to help folks BE. DEBT. FREE. If those folks happen to be young enough, that will surely lead them to the goals of FIRE. We certainly endorse the idea. After all, the borrower is slave to the lender!

Are you part of this FIRE thing?2018-10-17T07:42:16-04:00

How are you different/better than others?


Other financial coaches or money coaches only offer 'package' plans, where you must sign up for a series of sessions that cost a thousand or more dollars. We provide an inexpensive way to start. We'll analyze your situation and build a customized roadmap to your financial goals and dreams.

How are you different/better than others?2020-06-10T07:59:37-04:00

What is a money coach?


A money coach is someone that provides knowledge, inspiration, and planning to folks that need help with personal finance issues. This could be a debt burden, collectors, foreclosure, insurance problems, etc. Often also called a financial coach.

What is a money coach?2020-06-10T08:04:37-04:00
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